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Shelter Dog & Volunteer Training


Focus on learning together

Training shelter dogs and volunteers together is crucial for their mutual education. Shelter dogs often have had traumatic experiences or lack basic socialization skills, making it challenging for them to adapt to new environments. By involving volunteers in the training process, they not only learn valuable techniques to handle and train these dogs effectively but also develop a deep understanding of the dog's needs and behavior.

This hands-on experience allows volunteers to witness firsthand the transformation that occurs as these dogs gain confidence and become more adoptable. Additionally, training sessions provide an opportunity for volunteers to bond with the dogs and establish trust, which ultimately leads to positive outcomes for both parties involved. Furthermore, the presence of dedicated individuals working alongside shelter staff fosters a sense of community and support within the shelter environment, increasing the chances of successful adoptions and creating a lasting impact on both humans and canines alike.

Learn how to train shelter dogs in the basic commands that they need to be able to be rehomed with less issues. Working together with our trainer Nuno Nunes of the Incriveis Dog Training School in Tavira, we offer courses with certificate of completion to allow dog lovers to become a part of our team.

Once the basic course is completed, our team is set the task of setting up their very own social media adoption pages. By documenting the steps of their training and creating stories and videos, they will soon be able to reach potential adopters the world over.

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Our training partner

The Incríveis school, founded in 2013 by Nuno Nunes, aims to teach and train the most "faithful friend", the dog.

Incríveis was born of the love that its founder always had for dogs and their willingness to transmit their knowledge.

Nuno considers that training is a great tool to reinforce the complicity and emotional bond that bind you to your animal.

Being the school one of the most cited and recommended in the Algarve for its reputation as a coach.

There is just way too little focus on adoption.